A Couple of Things You DON’T Want to Do

Posted on 11 October 2017

This article is not just about telling different ways to gain muscle fast but is about telling you certain things you should stay away from should you want to be able to build muscle. This article is also focusing on building muscle mass without weights instead of the traditional weightlifting.

A lot of people focus on what to do but what some of them miss out is that there are also a lot of things you should not do. There are a lot of reasons why you may not be building muscle mass without weights which you may not even realize and we hope that this article would be useful for you to be able to succeed in building muscle mass without weights.

Here are a few of the possible reasons you aren’t building muscle:

  • Overtraining

    ways to gain muscle fast

  • What people do not realize is that more is not better. Only the right amount of the right training is good for you and if you are overtraining, you might just be tearing muscle instead of actually building it. The sad part is that as soon as you go down that path, you tend to go even deeper because when you try more and it doesn’t work, you then try even more and that still does not work either.

  • Undertraining

    building muscle mass without weights

  • Although you may wonder how can you be both overtraining and undertraining at the same time, understand what undertraining is and you will be shocked that you are doing it. If you go to the gym to count repetitions, then you should have stayed at home. Even if you are building muscle mass without weights, going to the gym every often to try different equipment other than weights is still a healthy way for you to gain muscle. The number of repetitions does not mean anything at the gym because it is the sheer intensity of your exercise which you must focus on. You can either train long or train hard. Only one of those two is correct.

  • Paying no attention to recovery

    ways to gain muscle fast

  • Most people who overtrain do not pay attention to their recovery. This is where it gets dangerous. Imagine trying to build a wall and even if the cement is still wet, you still continue putting bricks or blocks on top of each other. When that wall solidifies, it would not look good at all. Rest is important because it allows us to grow into our expanded muscles.

  • Avoiding hard exercises

    building muscle mass without weights

  • Some people tend to avoid the hard exercises. Sure they may try a repetition or two but once they fail, they stop. This is something a lot of us are guilty of. The moment we aren’t able to complete that repetition, we tell ourselves that we will do it once we are stronger and then we go back to our old and even more simple exercises. If you are not able to complete a repetition, then do not stop trying. Do your best until you are able to complete that type of exercise.

    Despite whichever of the different ways to gain muscle fast you choose whether it be building muscles without weights or building muscles with weights, nutrition is still very important. If your diet does not supply you with enough nutrition, that is what supplements are for.

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