Best Pre Workout Supplements: SUPPLEMENT SPOTLIGHT

Posted on 17 February 2017

Did you know that in order to achieve a leaner body and solid muscle mass you might need pre workout supplements? To sustain the high intensity training and the need to replenish the lost nutrients, find the best pre workout supplements for you! These supplements will work to prime your central nervous system, increase your nitric oxide, and help muscle fibers contract harder.

What are these supplements? Check this out.


You are not going to get far, if you miss taking in calories before you train. Consider adding the following in your pre workout supplement plan:

  • Protein 60 to 90 minutes before hitting the gym, drink a pre workout shake. This shake will have to give you about 25-50 grams of protein you need to have before starting your routine. Never miss this one.
  • Carbs Fast-digesting carbohydrates releases insulin in the bloodstream therefore driving the delivery of minerals and nutrients into the muscle tissues. A ration of 1:1 with protein is recommended.


  • Creatine Specifically, creatine monohydrate, is responsible of driving fluid into the muscle cells. This allow you to lift heavier, longer.
  • Beta-Alanine Amino acid that boosts muscular strength and endurance. Levels of carnosine are increased during consumption.


These type pre workout supplement work in many ways. Some stimulate your central nervous system, while others increase your brain activity. These supplements allow you to train longer and harder.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous This supplement increases energy and strength levels. Taking this could also help reduce the perceived pain of weight lifting.
  • BCAAs Are group of amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are absorbed more readily into your system delivering fast energy.


  • Arginine An amino acid that converts in your body as Nitric Oxide. This gas molecule is responsible for expansion of blood vessels, thus giving you more oxygen and nutrients to train harder.
  • Citrulline This nutrient may convert arginine more effectively than the supplemental variant. Taking a combination of citrulline plus arginine may be more than effective than taking either one alone.


If there’s one good thing about fat, it’s the fact that it’s a great source of fuel for workout. This is an important pre workout supplement and could also be a post workout one, that helps in feeling more energy and strength.

  • Raspberry Ketones Raspberry ketones increase metabolic rate and release fat.
  • Capsicum This supplement from chili peppers helps speed up your metabolic rate so you burn more calories, naturally.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract This supplement contains a high concentration of chlorogenic acid, a chemical known to release and burn body fat.
These are just some of the best pre workout supplements you can try today. For more information on these, visit our site at

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