Build Muscle With No Weights

Posted on 29 May 2017

No weights means trouble

 build muscle with no weights

Getting your game on for a progressive workout in the gym? What if the nearby gym shuts down for whatever reason and you have no other gym to go to that is nearby? Working out at home with little to no weights proves where dedication in fitness rolls in. Weights push our body's limits by applying heavier objects to our workouts to increase muscle build up, but when weights are pulled out of the picture, ways on how to build muscle without weights takes a toll. To give up regular the routine to compensate for uncontrollable circumstances seems unfair but realistic considering today's unrealistic schedules.


Why you need to think of your next move

build muscle with no weights

 Looking for solutions for the lack of equipment may result in muscle entropy, which is the lack of muscle exercises leading to loss of body mass. People who aspire to develop their muscles proportional to each other will need to find alternatives to developing each muscle group to their preference. Finding an alternative is a challenge, considering that each alternative has its flaws, build muscle with no weights--bad juju.


The alternative you need

build muscle with no weights

 Body weights---this is what you need as an alternative to regular weights, it might not push you as far as what regular weights would do, but it sure does do the trick on developing your muscle groups proportionally. Using body weights is not the same as free weights or machines, you handle your own weight in each exercise, slowly burning the fat and replacing it with the muscle to the point that you have hit your plateau, which means you have achieved the ideal body built. Overtraining with body weights is fairly safer than with free weights, you do not over develop your traps or biceps and you do not fall victim to freak accidents.


Why Body weights

 build muscle without weights


Body weights are an excellent to strengthen and build muscle because you encounter less injuries compared to free and machine weights. Not only does body weights provide you with the means to build up muscle, but it also increases control and awareness while body and machine weights increase muscle build up more than body weights although has a higher risk of injury. Build muscle without weights through body weights for a risk-free workout at home or the park. Body weights also provide flexibility in workouts being able to do it at home or any other space. Adding some supplements to the workout would fill the gap that free weights provide.



Add supplements to your body weight workouts! Build muscle with no weights by taking in workout supplements to boost your system for an effective performance. Take in the right supplements for specific preferences in attaining your ideal body and muscle mass.


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