Build Muscle With No Weights and Focus on the Details

Posted on 28 June 2017

Some people think that building muscles are enough but it is honestly not enough. Let us focus on a few methods wherein we can build muscles with no weights included and also focus on little details that make your body look better. To most people, having big biceps is enough but that is definitely not the case if you do not also focus on these other muscles that make you look much better. Here is a list of muscles you can focus on to make yourself look better and few workout exercises to match them:

  • Deltoids

     Building muscles without weights

The deltoids are the muscles located on your shoulders, having really defined deltoids will make most of the clothing you wear look so much better of course with the right fit though. The Typewriter pushup pushes your deltoid by rotating it and having to balance and carry your body from one side to another. If you are aiming for really defined deltoids, try doing this as slow as possible instead of going for a bigger number of repetitions.

  • Lats (Latissimus dorsi)

    build muscle with no weights

Or usually known as “wings” are located at the back of your armpits which connect your back and your shoulder. A perfect way to improve your wings is through wide grip pullups. Again, try going as slow as possible instead of aiming for more repetitions if you are interested in getting really defined details.

  • Obliques

    Building muscles without weights

The obliques are found on the side of your wrists above your pelvis bone. Having really defined obliques really define your abdominal muscles and add that extra flexible look to your body. A perfect exercise for this could be the Russian twist situps or the bicycle situps. For this muscle, it is more advisable to do this faster and with every strength left in your muscle to make them grow in the best way possible.

  • Glutes, Hamstrings, and Calves

    build muscle with no weights

  • Glutes are basically your butt muscle while your hamstrings are your thighs and the calves are located at the back part of your lower legs. These muscles require a more natural exercise and can be defined by doing more jogging, sprinting biking, or even squats. Be careful and know the balance between you tearing muscle away or building and defining muscles since exercises that help improve these muscles usually require cardio. Building muscles without weights are not that complicated but mind you, it can be even harder and even more effective.

    For exercises like these wherein, we build muscle with no weights included, the right supplements are needed to supply your body with the right nutrients necessary for muscle growth. Without sufficient nutrients, you might end up burning muscles instead of building and defining them. 10xgains has the perfect supplement for these kinds of workouts namely the LIFT pre-workout blend wherein it gives you the perfect amount of nutrients making sure you define your muscles and do not end up burning or tearing them.

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