Build Muscle with No Weights in Just One Month

Posted on 17 August 2017

The concept of how to build muscles with no weights might be a bit too much for you right now but for those who are interested, the answer is yes. It is definitely possible to build muscle with no weights and though you may still be asking yourself how to gain muscle fast at home, these two can actually be related! How?

Lucky for you, this data has been gathered by the research of the professionals and also the opinions of the successful people who were able to build muscles with no weights and also knew how to gain muscle fast at home. If you are ready to commit yourself to this strict exercise, then continue reading.

1st week:

  • Diet

  • What is the first thing you ask yourself if you were to clean your room. Do you need this? If not, then throw it away. Same goes for food. Cutting out the food you do not need and basing your diet on your priority of the food that you need at the top and the food you do not need at the bottom or better yet if the food is destructive to your progress, throw it away!

  • Conditioning

  • Conditioning makes sure that your body is ready to deal with the succeeding exercises in not just being able to build muscle with no weights but to actually handle the strict workout to come.

    Focus on both your stamina and endurance. Your stamina can be increased by cardio while your endurance by intense exercises that push your body to the limits.

  • Discipline

  • Being able to discipline yourself may be the hard part but without discipline, there will be no other way possible for you to be able to stick to your diet, conditioning, and your exercise in general.

    2nd week:

  • Strength

  • Working to increase your strength is very important especially since you are learning how to gain muscle fast at home. Without strength, repetition would not be possible. Strength can be gained by repetition and intensity but we will get to that later.

  • Repetition

  • Since you are just starting, focus on repetition, it does not matter if your exercise is easy, do as many as you can and maybe even a few more, this will pay off later when you go to the most advanced parts of your workout.

  • Familiarization

  • Familiarize your body. Make sure you are able to feel and use your muscles properly and efficiently. Do not just feel the pain, listen to what your body has to say. Becoming familiar with your muscles, how they move, and how they feel is something you would want to do right away.

    3rd week onwards:


  • Now that you have come to your third week and you are familiar with your strength and know how many repetitions you are able to achieve, it is time to go for even more complicated and intense exercise and this is where your muscles actually start to grow.

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