Build Muscle Without Weights and Five Things to Stay Away From

Posted on 30 August 2017

For most people, working out is all about doing and what people forget to talk about is what they should be staying away from. If you want to build muscle without weights, you have to do it the right way and even though the decision to build muscle without weights is much healthier and safer than to build muscle with weights, you are still expected to stay away from things that could hinder the growth of your muscles.

Here are five things to stay away from when it comes on how to build muscle without weights.

  • Insufficient nutrition

    build muscle without weights

  • Driving a car on an empty engine is pointless and so is trying to build muscle without weights when you do not have the sufficient nutrition to pump up and supply your body. When you are working out with insufficient nutrition, this may cause you to actually do more damage than actually building up your body. Supplements for building muscle fast supply you with the necessary nutrients your body needs when you are trying to build muscle without weights. There may be a lot of supplements for building muscle fast but there are only a few that are truly effective.

  • Insufficient sleep

    supplements for building muscle fast

  • Lack of sleep causes fatigue and fatigue deplete strength. When you lack sleep, your muscles have not fully regenerated and are not ready to be pushed to their limits because of the damage that has not been repaired yet. Make sure you do not lack sleep to ensure that your workout will become effective.


  • Inconsistent schedule

  • Having an inconsistent schedule compromises your workout. Although there are times that it is inevitable that something came up and you can not do your workout at that specific time but to make sure that you can easily bounce back from this situation, try setting your schedule for working out and have other optional schedules during the day. Try doing your workouts early in the morning that way it is almost impossible to skip.


  • Inconsistent program

  • The right program is equally important as your dedication to your body. What some people do not understand is that some programs work well for some people only and others work well for just a certain few. Finding the perfect program for you is important because your body, your personality, and your level of commitment are different from others, therefore, finding a program that fits perfectly with you is completely necessary to be able to bring out not just a good looking body but rather a good looking you.


  • Vacations

  • Avoid skipping! A lot of people argue that skipping one day is no big deal but then what they do not know is that one day turns into two days which turns into three until you have finally given up your commitment.

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