Getting Far Without Weights

Posted on 02 October 2017

There are a lot of ways to gain muscle but most of the ways people know how to do it involve weights. Now it isn’t quite a bad thing but at the same time, it isn’t the best either. Weights are a form of shortcuts as they tend to build up short-term muscle without the longevity which means that your physique deteriorates faster compared to when you are using body weight to work out.

Here are some reasons why it is better not to use weights:

  • Convenience

  • The main idea of having to make a purchase on some equipment is already quite inconvenient and not to mention expensive depending on the type of gear you are planning to buy. Another inconvenience with weights is that most of them can only be found in the gym and that means you would not only have to enroll yourself in the gym but also you would have to travel every day or every time you need to work out.

  • Performance

  • Body weight exercises guarantee you the flexibility and strength you would not always get in weightlifting. The amazing thing about weightless exercises is that you get to become even more familiar with your body to the point that you would actually feel lighter because of how strong you are. Do not worry, when things get easy, there are always ways to level up once you become a bit too comfortable with your level.

  • Long-term effect

  • The long-term effects of body weight exercises are really good because of not just the physique it guarantees but also the fitness. Body weight exercises train you to become more than just strong but also healthy, your organs tend to function healthier and your blood circulation may be doing very good. The long-term effects of body weight exercises are health itself.

  • Physique

  • The kind of physique you will get from weightless exercises can be very different from that of the ‘gym body’. What people usually do is bulk up adding a huge amount of mass which is not technically a hundred percent healthy muscle. The physique you get from weightless exercises compared to the other ways to gain muscle is much more humble but at the same time powerful physique which is really able to tone if you want to focus more on the detail.

    Nutrition is always the key to success in muscle building no matter which of the many ways to gain muscle you choose. Supplements for building muscle fast are a great way to get the necessary nutrition into your body as you are trying to build muscles. There are many supplements for building muscle fast out there but find one which matches whichever of the different ways to gain muscle you choose to follow.

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