How to Pick Yourself Up from a Hiatus

Posted on 20 September 2017

So imagine a scenario where you are at the height of your fitness achieving not just what you always wanted but realizing you got more than you asked for. Now imagine a scenario where you stopped working out and slowly lose that valuable piece of success over time. Hopefully, this is not the case but if by chance this is what you are experiencing right now, then this article is for you.

The thing that you may find rather new about getting back into fitness is that you are already familiar with the different ways to gain muscle fast and because you are familiar, it does not seem to appeal to you anymore. This article is also made to promote building muscle mass without weights because it is not only safer but also more efficient. Building muscle mass without weights is not much of a complicated direction out of all the ways to gain muscle fast but it is quite simple.

Here are some ways to pick yourself up from a hiatus:

  • Know why you stopped

  • Knowing the root of the problem is always necessary for causing the problem. Reflect on why you stopped pursuing that dream and what are the major causes that pushed you to stop. List them down if you have to.

  • Find out if you still really want it

  • Wanting something is very important because if you are just doing something because you are bored or if you are actually doing something with disinterest because you yourself do not actually want to do it, then it is better to stop!

    Although on the other hand, what if you reflected and made an actual decision that you do not want to settle for anything you have settled before? What if you want more? That is when you start working out again after you’ve made the decision

  • Restructure your routine

  • Restructuring your routine is a tedious task but nonetheless worth it. This time you have to be smarter and more open to change as you’ve actually done this before. You should either find a different routine that works better for you or you should stick to the one you already have depending on what you are actually aiming for. We would always like to suggest that you try building muscle mass without weights as it is both safer and more efficient.

    Here are steps to follow:

  • Schedule

  • Your schedule now has to be assessed as this is one of the major reasons why people give up. Make sure your new schedule is not only effective but flexible.

  • Awareness

  • You should be able to keep track of your performance and capabilities as you go on. If you haven’t been keeping track, try remembering the last digits and compare them to your present ability.

  • Routine

  • If you strongly believe your routine is still extremely effective, push through! But if it is not, find out different ways to gain muscle fast that work well for you like perhaps building muscle mass without weights.

  • Commit

  • Everybody says this at the end of the day but is one thing to say something and one thing to actually do it. Here is a practice that is actually pretty effective, try telling the least amount of people that you are actually exercising. This way, the pressure will be switched with motivation and that can really push you forward.

    One thing not mentioned but should always be put into consideration is nutrition. Make sure that you have the right amount of nutrition in your body to sustain your workout no matter which of the many different ways to gain muscle fast you choose.

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