The One, Two, and Threes of Building Muscle Without Weights

Posted on 16 August 2017

Build muscle without weights might be a little intimidating to some people because although we know that it is possible, it is also very complicated and intense. Muscle building exercises without weights are very effective but why do some people dread them? Is it maybe because they are too complicated? Is it maybe because they are too intense? Or is it maybe because they do not understand the basics?

Understanding the basics of building muscle without weights may be a little intimidating at first but once you are able to grasp the basics, you will then be able to understand even more complicated concepts leading you up your way to success.

Here are the one, two, and threes of both muscle building exercises without weights and building muscle without weights:

  • Condition

    build muscle without weights

  • Getting yourself in condition for building muscle without weights is a lot harder than the regular weight lifting because you not only have to be heated up, you also have to slowly work your way up. Muscle building exercises without weights usually require more flexibility and in order to achieve that flexibility, you will have to stretch a little more than usual making sure that you are able to use every single part of your body to its full potential.

  • Intensity and repetition

    muscle building exercises without weights

  • One common mistake people do is that they focus on repetition rather than intensity. Intensity is necessary for pushing the extent of your muscles by expanding it and repetition allows your muscles to grow into that expansion creating bigger and solid muscles. Intensity is usually composed of bursts of power going from something you thought was already too hard to something that was even harder. These bursts push your muscles to expand little by little while the repetition of these bursts solidifies the growth and expansion of your muscles.

  • Complexity

    build muscle without weights

  • The complexity of the exercise also affects the muscle growth, especially for exercises that require the involvement of not just one muscle but multiple muscles altogether. Complexity has a lot of factors, there are a lot of muscle building exercises without weights that focus on very specific parts of the body and in combination with the intensity, this makes it easier to shape your body into the ideal structure.

    Knowing these three basics teach you how to create your mindset as to giving importance to these three points and successfully building muscle without weights. One major mistake is to start off with the wrong perspective because no matter how much or how far you drive, you will always be in a different path and the good news is that it is never too late to correct yourself but it may just be harder for some who have driven off way too far.

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