The Proper Ways to Gain Muscle Fast Through Pushups

Posted on 26 June 2017

A lot of people think that the pushup is basically just putting your hands on the floor with your body straight and going down then pushing up but there is actually so much more to the basic pushup. The pushup can actually be considered the most effective muscle building exercise without weights since the pushup can go through a very wide range at very different results and difficulty levels. Here are a few ways to obtain maximum results through your pushups.


  • Wider or closer hands

    muscle building exercise without weights

  • The wider your hands are, the more of the inner muscles are being targeted, for example, if you put your arms about three to four feet apart or basically a wide pushup, you will find your chest and biceps being used more than your triceps and back. Another example is the typewriter pushups wherein you make sure that you are a certain distance from the ground preferably two to four inches away and basically transfer from one side to another really work your deltoids and back muscles along with everything else. The diamond pushups have very distinctive results as the start by tightening the chest distributing the weight of your body all the way to your biceps and deltoids which is a really good pushup depending on which part of your body you want to focus on. The basic pushup is still one of the best ways to gain muscle fast since it is a very good balance of weight, strength, and muscle growth.


  • Use gravity to your advantage

    ways to gain muscle fast

  • If you feel like the basic pushup does not have that much of an effect on you anymore, try elevating your feet to give yourself a little more weight and pressure on your arms resulting to an even stronger and complicated exercise which gives you even more results. Same goes as elevating your hands depending on what you are trying to focus on. There are a lot of things you can do with gravity (or as we can call the natural weights) to work to our advantage.


  • Repetitions vs. Difficulty

    muscle building exercise without weights

  • Getting the right repetitions at the right difficulty is the most important thing when it comes to muscle building exercise without weights. Do not forget the balance between pushing yourself to your limits and actually destroying your body by going way overboard and tearing your muscle in the end. Finding the perfect balance will always give you the right result. Try going for the more difficult exercises but also maintaining a good number of repetitions to keep yourself in shape and to make pushups the most effective muscle building exercise without weights.


  • Be in the best condition to do pushups

    ways to gain muscle fast

  • As with any workout, it is not advisable to do your workout without the proper warm up, stretching, and most of all nutrients. To obtain maximum results, do not forget to keep your body hot and going for your muscles to be able to give it your all since they are already functional and pumped up. Also, do not forget to stretch to avoid any injuries you may incur during your workout. And last, of all, do not forget to take the right supplements for muscle building without weights which one of the best choices would be 10xgains products as they supply you with the perfect amount of nutrients you will need for a good workout exercise session. Do not forget to take your supplements regularly as to make sure your body always gets the right amount of supplements and is always ready for whatever workout routine you may have.


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