Ways to Gain Muscle Fast: Lose the Bad Habits

Posted on 30 June 2017

There are a lot of ways to gain muscle fast and one of them is to actually lose the bad habits. Bad habits get in the way of your diet, your program, and also your discipline. Losing them would mean building new ones, there is only so much room for habits and losing the ones that would bring you down would make way for new habits that would bring you up. Gaining and losing go together as we have to eliminate the negative things that affect us.

“Most people don’t have that willingness to break bad habits. They have a lot of excuses and they talk like victims” - Carlos Santana

Here is a list of those bad habits:

  • Unrealistic expectations

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  • A lot of people expect to gain the best without even giving their best. This is not what happens. People do not get what they deserve, people get what they work for. Unrealistic expectations are like expecting life to be easy and that you do not have to exert any effort to get what you want. Do not make unrealistic expectations. Make realistic expectations and set realistic goals to fit your realistic schedule.

  • Having excuses for everything

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  • When some people fail, they automatically make up an excuse as to why instead of owning up to their mistakes. Skipped a meal for your diet? Own up to it. Catch up on your diet and make sure you are able to continue. Skipped a day of working out? Catch up. Forgot to take your supplements for building muscle fast? Take them according to your schedule. Do not rely on the fact that you can catch up. It might be too late for that. Do what you have to to be able to do what you want. Stop making excuses. People do not want to hear excuses, they want to see results.

  • No deadline, no work

    ways to gain muscle

  • Stop going easy on yourself. If you can finish something today, do it today even if the deadline is tomorrow. Go the extra mile. It is good to be in abundance of time, it is not good to lack time because you will end up sacrificing quality. Do everything by giving it your best and give your best TODAY. Never wait for tomorrow, you never know what could happen tomorrow. You are only in control of today, right now and not tomorrow.

  • Cheat

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  • “Just a little of this” “just a little of that” soon enough, that “little” turns into a lot. Stop now and break the habit of cheating. I am not saying do not take the proper shortcuts. I am saying stop cheating. That is a totally different thing. The results never lie and neither should you. Stop lying to others and most importantly, yourself

    “Correcting bad habits can not be done by forbidding or punishment.” - Robert Baden-Powell






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