Ways to Gain Muscle Fast Through Intensity and Repetition

Posted on 23 August 2017

A lot of people can go straight to the complicated ways to gain muscle fast but do they actually understand the basics of muscle building? The basics are important because no matter how much you know about the complicated levels of muscle building, without knowing the basic ways to gain muscle fast, your progress will not be as solid as you would have expected.

Now let us talk about the first part of this article which is half the basic ways to gain muscle fast. Let us talk about intensity. There are a few things that you should know about intensity.

  • Definition

  • When we say intensity, we mean the level of difficulty of the exercise from easy to hard and complicated the level of intensity can also refer to the muscle which we focus on from the basic muscles like the biceps and triceps to the little and complicated muscles like the obliques and etc. The higher the level of your intensity is, the more complicated muscles you end up using.

  • Effect

  • The effect of intensity is basically to help your muscle expand by reaching greater heights of working out. Going from the simplest form of workout to different workouts like the typewriter push up or the handstand push up which require a greater deal of strength and familiarity with the body pushing the growth of your muscles.

  • Performance

  • Intensity comes with a partner which we can call endurance. You probably know what both mean but to be able to understand the effect of intensive workouts, let us differentiate. Endurance refers to how much pain you are able to take allowing your muscles to become used to the level of stress and difficulty of your workout.

    Now since we are done talking about intensity, let us move into repetition.

  • Definition

  • Without even having to explain repetition, you already know what repetition is. Repetition is when you do something continuously and repetitively trying to maintain the quality or the process as you repeat. This means that it is not just in the number of repetitions you do but the number of repetitions you do correctly that count. Doing half-baked repetitions does not really benefit you but if you do your repetitions properly, you will definitely be doing good to your body.

  • Effect

  • Repetitions allow your muscles to solidify. As your intensity allows your muscles to expand and grow, doing the same level of intensity over and over again allow your muscles to grow into that expansion solidifying the mass of muscles you have just recently put on.

  • Performance

  • Repetition also comes with a partner named stamina. Stamina is what allows you to push forward maintaining the same amount of strength and energy as you are going on. Stamina can also be looked as the strength that keeps you going because that is what stamina is about.

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