Ways to Gain Muscle: The Pushup

Posted on 12 July 2017

Yes, the pushup. Everyone knows this exercise but the sad part is that almost everyone underestimates this exercise. The pushup until today is still one of the most effective ways to gain muscle without the use of weights. Muscle building exercises without weightsdo not have to be that complicated. In fact, you can be able to gain muscle by doing pushups alone. Crazy right? Well here are a few reasons why the pushup is one of the best exercises up until today:

  • Adjustable difficulty

    ways to gain muscle

Pushups are actually all about adjusting the difficulty level and making sure your body gets to do something that improves it the moment your body adjusts to that certain exercise. The pushup can be really easy and it can even be really hard as some people push the limits by doing explosive jump pushups and touching their toes with their hands midair. Pushups will never be too easy for you as there are so many ways to increase your difficulty level, therefore, increasing the results.

  • You can do this exercise basically anywhere

    muscle building exercises without weights

I and my friend used to have this game where when we make a mistake, we automatically drop down and do ten pushups. Although an inside joke and a little weird, this illustrates my point that you can do pushups anywhere, anytime. The moment you wake up, you can drop down on the floor and start doing pushups. This is one of the best things about pushups, you do not need to go to the gym to be able to do them.

  • Time efficient

    ways to gain muscle

Only have fifteen minutes to workout? Do not worry, you can create a high difficulty and really aggressive pushup routine that only takes fifteen minutes! No time? No problem. Pushups can be done even if you do not have that much time. Muscle building without weights has never been this easy.

  • You can focus on certain parts

    muscle building exercises without weights

There are many ways to gain muscle and there are also many different muscles you can focus on with different routines. Once you start to pay attention to your body, you may start to imagine which parts you would want to focus on and do not worry, there is a pushup variation for almost every muscle of the body! Start sculpting your body to the very detail just by doing pushups.

  • Effective and Efficient

    muscle building exercises without weights

YES, THEY ARE! Given all the previous reasons stated above, pushups sound like the best workout that you might even want to try right away. Pushups with the combination of the right supplements can get you massive and very good results in only a short period of time depending on how aggressive you are. Saving both money and time, pushups help you focus on what you need to focus on by taking away all external machinery. General pushups can also focus on your whole upper body giving you a balanced physique and making sure that your body stays proportional.

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