Workout Supplements That Work! The Basics of Supplementing for Muscle Gain

Posted on 20 December 2016

Everybody wants it -- greater performance, fat loss, and leaner muscle growth. But how to gain weight at the optimum level? If this is your goal, then you need to consider taking workout supplements. Let’s discover supplements that promote muscle gain and leaner mass according to priority:


Quality protein supplementation is needed as a foundation for leaner muscle gains. Whey protein has been proven to give the best protein and nutrients your body needs. It is commonly taken post-workout to aid in muscle recovery and gain. Not to mention, it is extremely convenient to take.


Branch Chain Amino Acids or commonly known as BCAAs works to improve muscle density and recovery rate. Essential amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine, are among of the nutrients we get from BCAAs which are organically taken from the foods that we eat.


Critical for muscle recovery, essential amino acid such as L-glutamine comprises around sixty percent of free form amino acids in your muscle tissues.

If for example the muscles in your body has reached an abundant supply of L-glutamine, muscle tissues will be less likely depleted under stress. So it is important to maintain your supply of this essential amino acid while and after working out. As far as how to build muscle, leaner muscle, is concerned.


Back in 90s, creatine has quickly gain its popularity as a supplement of choice for athletes all over the world. Some of its benefits are supporting and increasing your body’s size and strength, and boosting lean muscle mass while amplifying strength gains. This will help if you want to train harder and go the extra mile. Additionally, it helps in hydrating muscle tissues which though time helps the muscles tissues to be bigger and stronger.


Salmon and mackerel are some of the fishes rich in omega 3 fish oil. Unfortunately, because of the various contaminants, the purity and quantity of essential fatty  acids is not ideal. Fish oil in supplemental form, however, provides the needed daily intake of these fatty acids. Not to mention, Omega-3 in this form is at its purest and most concentrated. So what does omega 3 acids do to you?

According to research, it may support blood circulation and allow important muscle building nutrients like protein and carbohydrates to do its function well in the body.

It also assists in fat loss and increased metabolic rate.

It no longer an option today to take supplementation, rather it is more regarded as necessity. A good diet, so to speak,cannot fulfill the goal of optimum muscle growth. Having said that, supplements do really work.

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